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Priorton Beef and Lamb

Farmed since 1921

Why Grass Reared Beef

Dira Drum and Bass, Red Ruby Devon bull in the field
Sue May overlooking the Red Ruby Devon cows and calves in the field

It is certainly true that the best beef you can buy is Red Ruby Devon Beef. 

Grass fed Red Ruby Devon beef simply can’t be beaten for marbling, texture, flavour and tenderness.


The balance of fat and meat is a vital factor in flavour.

There are also important health benefits to eating beef predominantly reared on a grass diet.  Meat from grass fed animals consist of health Omega-3 fatty acids which are an essential component of a healthy diet.  Beef which is predominantly reared on cereals (barley, oats) comprises Omega-6 fatty acids which are undesirable for human health and development. , Eating beef regularly as part of a healthy, balanced diet, provides nutrients (including iron, Vitamin B12 and Selenium), beneficial fatty acids and lots of protein, which are all essential for keeping us healthy.


Unlike modern breeds, the Red Ruby Devon naturally lays down intra-muscular fat in the meat which produces wonderful marbled beef, keeping the meat lovely and moist throughout the cooking.

Our cattle graze the fields for most of the year, and in the winter they receive hay made off our fields and are bedded on straw harvested from our fields. 

Because all of our cattle are raised and cared by us from the day they are born there is full traceability of our beef. John can read an ear tag and tell us the whole history of that cows from mother to father.

Don't believe how tasty Red Ruby Devon beef can be then read what the experts say.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, food writer and broadcaster, is also an owner of Red Rubies and knows first hand the qualities of Red Ruby Beef:

“Red Ruby Devons are beautiful animals producing beautiful beef. When grass fed they have excellent marbling and superb flavour. As far as I’m concerned, Red Ruby Devon beef is as good as it gets!  

Alan Williams, michelin starred chef, and winner of the 2012 National Chef of the Year award sources Red Ruby Devon beef from the west country for his famed London restaurant "Alyn Williams at The Westbury"  

"Red Ruby Devon beef is properly good.  When you cook it, the difference in quality is easy to see.  I believe it is down to the fine grained texture of this slown grown beef  which helps it cook much better, maintaining succulence and flavour.  The real WOW factor becomes apparent in the eating:  Red Ruby Devon beef is so flavoursome and because it's cased in a good layout of its own fat, it cooks wonderfully well."

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