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Priorton Beef and Lamb

Farmed since 1921

Poll Dorset Sheep

A dorset ewe and lambs having a ride into the yard.
Dorsets get the best view of the sunset whilst at grass
A dorset ewe and lamb born at grass

At Priorton we run a flock of 300 Dorset ewes with the exception of Louise's one Dorset Horn ewe. We also have 35 Suffolk ewes including Louise's pet ewe "Gertie" who has been with us for 7 years.

We lamb our Dorsets in November and the begining of December as this is our quietest time of the year with the cattle so our sheep can have our full attention. Dorsets are known for their quiet temperament and natural mothering ability.

Once they have spent a few days in the sheds so that we can ensure they are fit and healthy they are turned out to grass. When they have grown slightly bigger and are eating more of the grass their selves they are put into  winter roots.


Poll Dorset lamb is also recognised for its rich flavour and tenderness, they have a small amount of fat within the butchered joints which helps to keep the meat tender and moist during cooking.

Freshly shorn dorset ewes off to the field
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